Kansaoudy is a neighborhood of Ziguinchor just a short walk from the regional hospital. The families that live there already have access to a well but there are still many problems. The well is shallow and is prone to running dry during the dry season. The well is open and is easily contaminated especially by the dozens of vultures that roost in the Baobab tree overhead each night. Families that use the well know that the water makes them sick but there is no other choice but to use it so they often add bleach to the water before drinking it. What can be done? We want to deepen the well and line the well walls, replace the slab on top and install a pump providing  much more reliable access to much safer water.


TARGET £4,650

Bandial, Senegal

The village of Bandial is comprised of 35 houses and is home to 250 people (the Jola Bandial people group is thought to be in the region of 16,000 people so this one village alone accounts for 1/64 of the entire people group). Bandial is situated in the Casamance region, in the department of Ziguinchor.

In years gone by the villagers have tried to dig wells for fresh water, unfortunately these attempts have failed due to ingress of salt water from the Casamance river on whose banks the village can be found. A solution was found and three rain water collection tanks were constructed and have been serving the village for many years.

After two decades of service the tanks have fallen into a state of disrepair with only one of the three tanks now functioning. Our goal is to repair and reline the existing tanks making them water tight once again and also replace the rain collection system ensuring a supply of safe water for many years to come.


TARGET £7,250

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