At the end of April 2015 Fountain of Life ran an 'Introduction to Water Technologies' seminar in Ziguinchor, Senegal.

The three days of training covered the subjects of water contamination, water treatment options in the home, hygiene, sanitation and appropriate technologies. The seminar was attended by ten people representing five different churches.

The seminar was very interactive with plenty of discussion time. We made use of tools such as the sanitation ladder and the transmission routes games. The three days were mainly classroom based but did include some practical work learning how to make Tippy Taps.

The goal of the seminar was not to tell people that they need to change their ways but to increase awareness through education helping them identify important behaviors and make their own plan to implement change.


Mpack, Senegal

'....the face of the Mpack school has changed and some students have already installed Tippy Taps at their homes....'

This was a hugely encouraging message that we received shortly after we had finished a project at the school in the village of Mpack, near the Senegalese border with Guinea-Bissau.

We were invited to go into the school for two days and teach every class the importance of handwashing and how to build a Tippy Tap. We were also able to donate a water filter to each class (and one for the director) to provide safe drinking water while the children are at school. The school has access to a well but, unfortunately, the water is not safe to drink and often makes the children ill. With improved hygiene practices and safe water to drink we were able to improve the lives of 450 students!

During our two days at the Mpack school we partnered with a YWAM DTS outreach team and we were also joined by three people who had previously completed the 'Introduction to water technologies' seminar.

It was a great opportunity to put into practice what they had learnt and have an impact in the lives of so many children.



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