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By using locally sourced materials, a little ingenuity and manual drilling techniques, the cost of having a source of safe water can be greatly reduced. So much so, that families can afford to have their own well including a pump installed at their own homes and no longer have to rely on contaminated open community wells.


THE tools

Obviously some specialist equipment is needed to be able to access the water that is often just a few meters beneath our feet.

Rather than importing expensive, complicated equipment from overseas our tools and well-drilling equipment are made to order by local craftsmen from locally sourced materials.

This not only keeps costs down but also eliminates many maintenance and repair issues.

How Your Gift Will Help

The pump

Because the pump for each well is custom made from locally sourced materials it is not only cheap to make but it is also simple to understand and inexpensive to repair.

If the pump owner is not able to diagnose and repair the problem for themselves our team of well drillers are always available to carry out repair work and keep the water flowing.


'1 Year- 1 Well' Program

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