Transforming lives through appropriate technologies

Fountain of Life is dedicated to bringing a sustainable source of safe water to those in need. Our primary work is centered on offering individuals, families or groups of families the ability to own their own well, which creates not only dignity but long term sustainability and self-sufficiency. By using locally sourced materials, a little ingenuity and manual drilling techniques, the cost of having a source of safe water can be greatly reduced. So much so, that families can afford to have their borehole including a pump installed at their own homes and no longer have to rely on contaminated open community wells.



By manually drilling our wells and designing our pumps using locally sourced materials, we are able to provide a family a source of safe water at their own home for as little as £150.  The beneficiary pays a fee, according to their ability, to support our drillers and, if needed, helps in the drilling. Once drilling is complete, Fountain of Life donates all of the materials needed to case the borehole and to fabricate a bespoke hand pump.  This pump provides readily accessible water for drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning, and irrigation of a garden to provide a year round food source.

Because we drill by hand we can avoid the high costs of hiring or purchasing and operating a large well-drilling rig.  This allows us to create an extremely inexpensive well. It also enables us to travel to the remotest areas. By having a family involved in the process, they take responsibility for maintaining the well because they own it. By keeping the hand pump simple and made with locally available parts, if it does fail, they are able to either diagnose the problem and repair it themselves or hire us to fix it for just a few pounds.



Fountain of Life serves all in need regardless of race, religion, sex, tribe, etc. Water is a human right and we don’t want to see anyone left behind. Our area of operation is in the Southern part of Senegal which is called The Casamance.  This area has safe water available, often at depths of less than 100 ft., and soil conditions that allow for manual drilling.  Since machine drilled community wells usually cost around £4,000 - £6,000, the cost is too great for small villages in rural areas. Therefore, our priority is to make these small villages our main focus, our desire is to help provide a way when there is no way.


There are two costs to the well – the materials and the drilling/labour. To build sustainability, our local workers must earn a living wage. Therefore, the beneficiary pays a sliding scale fee (no more than £200) depending on their ability to pay. This fee goes directly to the local drillers. This can be a huge sacrifice for many, but it also instills a sense of ownership, investment and responsibility. For those who are unable to pay, many of them widows, we drill about 15% of our wells for free.  As for the materials, Fountain of Life donates 100% of the materials needed to complete the well – which currently costs around £150 each.



None of the work that we do would be possible without people just like you. When you partner with Fountain of Life you can have a direct impact and transform people’s lives.

Access to safe water can protect, improve, and save lives. Access to safe water can turn problems into potential: unlocking education, economic prosperity, and improved health. Water is the way to break the cycle of poverty, to protect and save lives and to make a bright future possible for all. When everyone has access to safe water no one is left behind.

Since our goal is empowering locals, we do not bring mission or work teams to do the drilling. Instead we focus on providing the training, logistical support, materials and encouragement to allow locals to be agents of change themselves. However, this does not mean that we don’t need you!

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