Manual Well Drilling

Earlier this year (June 2017) we traveled to Paint Rock, Texas, to participate in a week-long training program on how to drill low-cost wells manually using the 'Baptist method' and make well pumps using appropriate technologies. It was a busy & very 'hands-on' week and we learned how to make everything needed to drill a well and make a pump from start to finish.

It truly was a privilege to spend time with the Water for All International guys and to learn from the people who have personally developed this technique over many years. Having learnt from WfA we feel that we now have a responsibility to pass on this knowledge and the skills that have been learned to those in need of a supply of safe water.

In January/February we will be travelling to Senegal, West Africa, where, working with local ministry partners our goal is to start a low-cost well drilling movement.

We are seeking to raise £2000 which will enable us to buy and/or fabricate the tools the equipment and materials needed to drill at least one well including making a hand pump, and training our ministry partners in the field. Once we have the necessary tools and equipment we will be able to reuse them many times over to drill many more wells.

Today we would like to invite you to partner with Fountain of Life by giving what you can towards making this possible. Through your generosity you can be involved in mission and have a direct impact transforming the lives of many people.

To partner with us by making a financial gift go to the DONATE page to find out how.

If you decide to give, whichever method you use, please include the reference MWD2000.


So how does it all work? Once we have the necessary tools/equipment and have trained our ministry partners in the field we intend on using the WfA model of creating well clubs. To explain further the following is taken from the WfA website -

We actually teach families to drill their own water wells which drastically reduces the cost of a water well. It is like a "barn raising". We organize the families to work together till every family has their very own water well.  It changes their lives!
This is how it works. A group of 10  Families
come to our shop in a small rural town close to where they live. They ask us for help.  We lend a complete "Baptist" deep well-drilling outfit and if needed help them buy their well casing and pump materials. Then we go with them to their village and help them drill their first two wells. Then the club continues working on their own until every family in the "club" drills a well and makes a pump. This way only a few WFA drilling trainers can help lots and lots of families drill their own wells. In 2010 in Bolivia4 WFA trainers helped families drill 180 wells. In 2011 182 wells. In 2012 70 wells. In Ethiopia, our trainers helped 42 families drill their own wells. These are deep wells, properly sealed that ensure communities never have to face a water crisis again. The families are super proud of their wells and all know how to care for them. They know how to make and maintain the simple heavy duty pumps that WFA has designed to be made from locally available low-cost material.

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