step 1 - Pledge

Pledging your birthday could not be more easy. All you need to do is fill out the pledge form at the bottom of this page. Then, when your big day is approaching, we will send you a reminder and help you to set up a personal fundraising page.


step 2- promote

Use your social media to promote your fundraiser. Ask your friends and family to make donations instead of giving gifts. Why not throw a party where all of your guests bring donations!


step 3 - celebrate

Time to celebrate! You sacrificed your birthday and through your generosity, you have made a life changing impact somewhere in the world. We’ll send you the information on where and how your donations are transforming lives.

Donate My Birthday

Make your next birthday one you, your family and friends will never forget by helping people gain access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation. It’s simple, instead of asking for gifts, ask for donations.

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